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A great living experience often comes down to the smallest details of a home – the hardware on your cabinets, the trim around your windows, and the door on your shower. Each element of a home can either add to or detract from a complete living experience. The right shower door can transform your bathroom from an old-fashioned functional room to a serene oasis away from the outside world.

As you consider shower options for a renovation or new construction project, consider your style preferences and how you normally use a shower space. In addition to framed glass shower doors that can close off a space and make cleaning difficult, many homeowners are exploring the merits of frameless shower doors.

Semi Frameless Glass Shower Doors

If you’re not ready to make the leap to a completely frameless shower door, a semi frameless glass shower door may offer what you need. With minimal framing and hardware, these shower doors eliminate the bulky frames that plagued showers from the 1990s and early 2000s. They are sleek, durable, and performance-driven points of entrance that can elevate a shower with a pivoting door. If you appreciate the metallic lines that frames provide, a semi-frameless shower door may provide a cost-effective alternative to framed glass shower doors.

Curved Glass Shower Doors

Do you prefer rounded, organic spaces to the starkness of straight-edges and right angles? If so, curved glass shower doors that seamlessly fold around the shower space may offer a better alternative. These frameless shower doors create a natural flow in a bathroom and a more romantic atmosphere. Step into a cylindrical or oblong curved glass shower and let the stress of the day melt away. This unique style of shower glass goes particularly well with corner shower and tub setups.

Free Standing Glass Shower Doors

Eliminate all framework, lines, and boundaries with a minimalist’s favorite type of shower – a freestanding glass shower enclosure. Whether you butt the shower up to a wall or leave it standing alone in an open space, these clip-contained shower enclosures eliminate start lines and heavy-duty hardware associated with framed and semi-framed shower designs. Take the shower lines all the way to the ceiling to create a personal steam shower or leave the top of the space open and airy. The possibilities for these doors are endless.

Find Your Perfect Glass Shower Enclosure Today

If one of these glass enclosure styles sounds like the perfect solution for you, reach out to Maryland Frameless Showers at 410.461.8586 today. We can install a custom glass frameless shower door or enclosure you can enjoy year after year. Consider us your go-to resource for all your shower glass needs.

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