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In the glassworks industry, many customers express concerns about the strength and durability of the glass used in showers. They worry that an investment in a glass shower enclosure will ultimately result in the need for shower enclosure repair. While some glass does pose a risk, high-quality glass offers incredible strength and durability that can last for a lifetime and eliminate the need for costly repair work or replacement.

Choosing Glass for Shower Enclosures

The structural integrity of glass comes down to the glass itself and the installation method. Imperfections in the glass and improper installation techniques can weaken a glass structure. When homeowners rely on bargain-priced shower enclosures, they often experience hairline cracks or shattering in their shower glass. In our years of experience creating and installing glass showers, we often find that homeowners who sacrifice quality for cost end up paying for shower door repair work later.

Frameless shower door repair often involves the cost of labor and new materials. The compromised integrity of cracked, chipped, or broken glass can weaken the entire structure and may require a full replacement. Over time, a homeowner may pay more for a subpar glass structure than a slightly higher priced, high-quality installation.

The good news is that some glass does not come with the same high risk for pivot and sliding shower door repair. At Maryland Frameless Showers, we use glass from major manufacturers known for excellence in the industry. Business owner Jim Long personally measures the glass we install and oversees the process to ensure success at every step. While we can’t eliminate the risk of a shower door issue completely, we use top-qua0lity products and the industry’s best installation practices to deliver peace of mind with each installation.

Choosing a Glass Shower Enclosure Business

When installing shower enclosures and doors, the materials and installation matter. The wrong type of glass for a shower can create structural weaknesses, even with a professional installation. Similarly, an amateur or improperly trained professional may use poor installation techniques and create problems.

Industry professionals with the appropriate licensing and a reputation for customer satisfaction can install performance-ready glass that may never need repairing. Shower door installations can completely change the look and feel of a bathroom. When you invest in a new shower enclosure, choose something that will provide a spa-like experience and add value to your home for years to come.

Maryland Frameless Showers looks forward to the opportunity to discuss your shower door needs with you. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to a costly shower enclosure repair project or renovating the entire space, we can help you choose the right glass and hardware for your project. You deserve a shower that gives you peace of mind and a relaxing experience every time you step inside. Contact us today at 410.461.8586.

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