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Elevate your bathroom with a shower enclosure that fits the design of the space. Instead of hiding your shower behind a curtain or struggling to maintain a framed glass shower, consider beautiful, frameless custom glass showers from Maryland Frameless Showers. Expand the look and feel of the room and discover everyday enjoyment when you choose a shower enclosure that matches your personality and home.

Types of Maryland Shower Enclosures

As you explore options for shower enclosures, consider some of the most popular styles and options for showers and shower doors Maryland residents prefer:

  • A curved glass shower enclosure. While many people love the straight-edged designs of our squared-off showers, others prefer a more organic experience. A curved glass shower wraps around the shower space without hard edges. Often placed in corner showers and in standalone shower stalls, these chic enclosures create a timeless and romantic feeling within the space.
  • A sliding frameless shower door. Eliminate the need for a pivoting door that can take up unnecessary space with a sliding door that hides seamlessly behind a nearby panel. Often used in remodeling projects involving traditional tub showers and rectangular showers in small spaces, these shower doors stand apart from their conventional framed counterparts. Sliding frameless shower doors are easy to clean, sleek, and durable.
  • A steam shower enclosure. Give your glass shower enclosure added functionality with an operable transom. Placed in one wall or above the door of a shower, these pivoting windows allow bathers to open or enclose the space to trap steam. Used in floor-to-ceiling applications, a steam shower enclosure can make your space feel like an at-home spa.
  • A pivoting frameless shower door. For bathrooms with room to spare, pivoting door allow installers to forego the hardware required for sliders. Add a custom handle to your door design and enjoy the quiet and seamless experience of opening and closing the door.

At Maryland Frameless Showers, we strive to create a personalized space for each of our customers. We work with a variety of different homes, locations, and design styles so we can create frameless glass enclosures that our customers will love for years to come.

Our custom glass showers feature competitively priced glass from the top manufacturers in the industry. Trained professionals oversee and install each glass shower enclosure to ensure customer satisfaction with the finished product. When you partner with us for your next shower update project, you will love the quality and support you receive from our dedicated team of installers and customer service representatives. For more information on a new or replacement shower enclosure, reach out to our office today at 410.461.8586.

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