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If you’re thinking about investing in a bathroom remodeling or shower replacement project, consider custom sliding shower doors. The right bathroom features will do more than update your space. They can also add value to your home. Today, custom frameless showers are in style. They are timeless, sleek, and look great in bathrooms of all sizes.

Small Changes, Big ROI

When it comes to home improvement, some changes are worth more than others are. For example, transforming a space into a home office or investing in a universal bathroom design (one that can accommodate all types of users) often fail to deliver the value boost homeowners expect. For homeowners with a limited budget, small and carefully chosen updates often provide the best returns.

A frameless sliding glass shower door is a great investment for local homeowners. Consider some of the most popular benefits of these solutions. They are:

  • Popular. Homeowners are looking for homes with updated bathroom features including frameless glass showers. Modern designers frequently use frameless glass panels in new home construction, making them a trending home feature.
  • Timeless. A pivot-based or sliding glass door shower enclosure will look great today and 20 years from now, unlike other shower solutions. These doors install quickly and easily and last well. Without the rubber seals and crevices that commonly plague framed glass shower door setups, these alternatives will not lose their clean and clear appearances.
  • Value driven. Prospective homeowners want more from a bathroom than a space to bathe. They want to feel pampered in a private haven away from the world. The minimalistic design of sliding glass tub/shower doors will appeal to even the most discerning palates, making the investment a selling point for any home. If you don’t plan to sell, the spa-like experience of stepping into a daily shower can make the investment worthwhile.
  • Environmentally friendly. Glass shower doors eliminate the need for plastic-based shower liners that will not decompose. Glass is a recyclable material that can serve a new purpose at the end of its life as a glass shower panel.
  • Easy to clean. Frameless glass installations eliminate many of the nooks and crannies of conventional shower setups that can harbor mold and mildew. Choose a frameless custom door or enclosure to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning in the bathroom.

Custom Glass Showers from the Experts

At Maryland Frameless Showers, we source and install custom frameless shower door and enclosure solutions for homes of all shapes and sizes in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your current bathroom, we can help you choose and install a beautiful and durable frameless glass shower or tub enclosure you’ll love using. Contact us today at 410.461.8586 to invest in one of our high-quality custom sliding shower doors and say goodbye to your framed glass shower door or curtain.

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