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Glass adds a protection and beauty around the home. Homeowners rely on glass to let natural light into the home. They may also invest in a glass cover for table, bookcase, and display arrangements. Glass plays a particularly important role in residential bathrooms. In addition to its use in mirrors and windows, glass can create an open, clean, and maintenance-friendly shower enclosure.

Why Choose Glass?

Heavy-duty shower glass is different from glass used elsewhere in the home. This specially manufactured glass is durable, crystal clear, and easy to clean. Unlike shower curtains, glass lets an ample amount of light penetrate the shower space. It can make even small spaces feel open and comfortable. Glass is environmentally friendly, durable, and beautiful. For many modern homeowners, choosing glass is a no-brainer for the shower. Sliding glass doors, pivot doors, and other style options make glass showers as unique as even the most beautifully designed curtains.

If you’re renovating a bathroom space or building a new home, consider glass for its flexibility, beauty, and functionality. When you choose something as timeless as clear or frosted glass, you really can’t go wrong.

Frameless vs. Semi Frameless Shower Doors

Glass showers come in three basic varieties: framed, frameless, and semi frameless. Framed shower doors were popular in the past as alternatives to dreary shower curtains. Unfortunately, these shower configurations often relied heavily on metal framing, hardware, and sealants. Over time, the moisture from the bathroom would seep into the smallest of places and create recurring mold problems. The upkeep for these shower doors was simply too much.

Today, homeowners can also invest in frameless or semi-frameless shower doors. Semi-frameless varieties rely on a minimal amount of metal framework to add structural strength to the shower. The approach maintains an open feeling that modern homeowners love, without sacrificing the support of a metal frame.

Truly frameless shower doors, on the other hand, rely on clips to attach glass panels to each other and to the walls of a space. They take minimalism to the next level with only a few pieces of hardware used around the entire shower space. The appearance of a frameless shower is unencumbered, sleek, and sophisticated. One of the most popular shower options available today, many prospective homeowners look for pivoting or sliding frameless shower doors when they search for the perfect home.

Glass Enclosures from the Shower Door Experts

At Maryland Frameless Showers, we can accommodate standard and custom requests for shower sliding glass doors, pivoting doors, and full enclosure renovations. We partner with some of the most trusted glass manufacturers in the industry and use a list of experience-driven best practices to ensure the structural integrity and beauty of each project we complete. Our customers can often enjoy their glass shower enclosures for a lifetime. If you’re ready to transform your space with a glass shower enclosure project, reach out to our team today at 410.461.8586.

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