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Shower Enclosures

Installing a frameless shower door means a litany of layouts for your choosing. Unlike installing traditional framed shower modules, your bathroom becomes a clean palate for you to do with what you please. We highly recommend you consider adding unique enclosures to your bathroom. Here’re a few things to consider:

Keep Your Bathroom Dry

If anyone tells you a shower is water-tight, they’re lying to you. Before you set your sights on a particular design, be sure to understand that your frameless shower will not be impervious to water spilling out. This means you must position fixtures and choose configurations to inhibit leaks from happening. Typically we leave a one-eighth inch border between the frameless door and your wall. You have the option to install a vinyl stop and seal to use in the event a fixture shoots at an exit. It’s very easy to slip on, as it goes on like a pressure fit seal.

Heavy Glass Swing Doors

These consists of standard swing door, which goes from 22″-36″ wide. Anything over 36″ will require a fixed panel next to a swing door. For example, if you have a 48″ opening, we could do up to a 36″ swing door and the remaining would be a 12″ fixed panel in line with the door to make up for the remaining opening. Standard heights start at 72″ and go all the way up to 84″. Width and height of shower doors are generally available in increments of 2″. We offer a multitude of door pull design options as well.

TruFit Series Heavy Glass

Traditional heavy glass swing door needs to be ordered to the eighth of an inch whether its out of plumb or not. With a TruFit Series, there are adjustments up to a half of inch on the door in the enclosure that will allow for out of plumb conditions. TruFit is ideal for retrofit and fiberglass stalls.


Sliding shower doors are great if space is at a premium and is a true bypass door. A swing door requires a bit of square footage between your shower and other structural items (like your bathroom sink and toilet). With sliding glass doors, they overlap and have deep channels that are sloped at the bottom rail that will keep water in the shower. A semi-frameless enclosure start at 3/16″ of an inch, 1/4″ to 3/8″ thick. They come in all finishes, and, although clear glass is the most popular, they also come in rain or other designer glass options.


Based upon the shape and form you wish your shower to take, a neo-angle might be for you. Basically, it’s a space-saver. We take two fixed panels on the wall and angle them to the position of your liking and put a hinged door in between.

Adjustable Hinges

When it comes to choosing hinges for your shower door, we recommend adjustable versus fixed hinges. In the off chance that tiles slope or is angled over time, you’re covered. And you won’t need to undertake a huge remodel.

Operable Transom

Trying to create an effective steam shower? It’s imperative for you to add a transom above your door to let out the steam. A transom usually works by adding clips onto the glass, making it flexible and easy to open.

Skyline Enclosures

A series of sliders and rollers sit that make for a beautiful, seamless shower feature that is straightforward and elegant. Requires a header, side rails or track and can make your bathroom feel expanded. One panel is operating while the other is fixed.

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