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It’s in ours and your best interest to explore all shower options before we install. But truth be told, frameless shower doors are the best products on the market to achieve an elegant looking bathroom.

Frameless shower doors hit two very popular design elements. They’re minimal and modern, and they’re also very easy to clean without the frame’s impediment of the. Yes, the glass may be more expensive, but it’s also higher in quality and built to last. Framed showers provide more support, which allows glass to weigh and cost less. Frames are more functional but far less fashionable, but do lend themselves to more standard bathroom features.

Because they’re more challenging to install, it’s important to hire a professional to get the job done correctly. Maryland Frameless Showers guarantees a flawless installation with incredible attention to detail. Please call our owner, Jim Long, directly if you have any questions!

The Frameless Advantage

Spotless: Think about fine crystal china. Flawlessly designed, invisible glass. A frameless shower door accomplishes a luxurious look while showing off your shower.

Simply Sanitary

Unlike framed showers, water and mildew have nowhere to hide. We offer protective coatings at an added cost from manufacturers to keep water stains off your glass. The epoxy added in the manufacturing process makes it simple keep your glass clean.


Image is everything in home design. A beautiful frameless glass shower door gives your bathrooms an entirely different aesthetic than a bathroom lined with your standard framed shower doors. You probably put a lot of thought and effort into the beautiful tile that creates the body of your shower. Adding clear glass gives you the prism to showcase your tastes.

Built Strong

The parts and installation process leads a durable door. Framed shower doors are manufactured with adhesives that erode and materials that don’t stand the test of time. Hiring a professional means a shower door that’s installed correctly and built with simple construction principles – not hoping that whatever’s in the box from the factory makes the cut.

Get Money Back on Your House

A renovated bathroom can equal big bucks in when selling your home. And one of the best way to keep up with the Joneses is to go frameless.

Going Green

Having a glass shower door means avoiding antiquated vinyl curtains, which contain harmful carcinogens. Inhaling microscopic bits of PVC can harm your lungs, and trashing these products harm Mother Earth. Glass is recyclable, too, so going frameless also means going green!

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