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Sleek Appearance

Sometimes words can’t do justice in describing exactly how great frameless shower doors look. Plain and simple, they’re flat-out stunning and make many features about your bathroom shine.

Thicker Glass for Support

Metal framed showers support the lightweight glass in traditional showers. Glass is thicker by nature to support the weight of the tempered glass door, and tends to be three-eighths-inch thick to one-half.
Heavier – A six foot by three foot frameless door can weigh up to 170 pounds. Framed shower doors tend to weigh under 50 pounds or less depending on the design.


Frameless shower doors are the most beautiful option on the market for your bathroom, but do cost a bit more. Framed shower doors will cost about half as much, and become very affordable in the grand scheme of a bathroom remodel.

Simple to Clean

Cleaning the streaks off of a framed shower can be a labor intensive process. Wiping away residue off the metal is tedious, so why deal with it when you only have to clean with one large glass slab. We always supply a squeegee to use, which will make your door look the same 10 years later.

Challenging Installation

Frameless shower doors don’t make good weekend DIY projects. Because of the extra weight, cost, and fragility of the material, it’s best to hire a professional to install your shower door safely. We have expert, factory-trained installers which guarantees our customers the best.

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